This drawing of mine is entitled Residence. If you wish do not wish to have the artists meaning mix with yours, i recommend not continuing reading this post. There are an abundance of faces in this piece. They were all inspired by different memories I cling on to. Although there are many faces, there are […]

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You on Me

This is a painting I did last night that I entitled “You on Me”. It felt so good to finally make this. All week I have been overflowing with emotion and I needed to put it towards something productive or I would’ve just let it sit until I lost my head. Art helps me decompress […]

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On a recent trip I took to New York City, I was lucky enough to go to the MoMA and see some of the most compelling art I have ever seen. One of the artists works that I got to see was Rothko. I already was a fan of his work but seeing it in […]

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